Leap Year Traveling Perks and Savings

First of all - what is leap year, you may ask? It happens every four years, when February has 29 days instead of its usual 28. This day is needed to keep our astronomic calendars free of mistakes, but as a side effect, it makes February longer and gives a reason to celebrate traveling with some extra deals and perks. After all, some people born on February 29th can celebrate their 100% real birthday only once every four years!

Traveling Savings

What many hotels do for this day is offer 29% off in one way or another. Some discounts like that can be had only on February 29th, while many places have a window for taking advantage of those savings.

Let's take a look at some examples across the country:


Room hotels advertise

While marriage proposals are usually done by a man in our society, women are encouraged to take some action too. According to Irish tradition, there will be a lucky union if a woman proposes to her man on February 29th. Where are my ladies at?

Chicago's historic Palmer House, part of Hilton group now, offers a sweet package for couples who want to get extra lucky on the day of proposal. This is what you will get if you choose to hold your special day there, with a lady leading the proposal:

Fountain in the hotel lobby

And then there is more for leap day lovers and travelers. All the people born on February 29th, so called leaplings, will get a free night stay on their birthday and a bottle of Prosecco at Moxy Hotels in NYC. Worth making travel plans to see the Big Apple for sure! Just make sure to have your ID ready.

Conrad New York Downtown is also participating in all of this gift giving with free night stay for leaplings on February 29th and March 1st. Birthday boys and girls don't have to stay at the hotel to enjoy special treatment - all guests born that day will get a free bottle of wine with their dinner at its Atrio Wine Bar & Restaurant. Again, don't forget that ID to proof how lucky you are!

Hotel Room

One more place inviting all the leaplings to come over for a getaway is Kimpton Taconic in Manchester, Vermont. You will have to be quick as amazing deals are valid for only 29 hours - 7pm EST on February 28 to midnight on February 29th. If you book a package during this short window to stay anytime between March 1st and June 30th, you will get 29% off your nightly rate and $29 food and drink credit for the duration of your stay. All the booked packages will also be entered for a drawing to win 29,000 IHG points.

We say you pack your bags and go on vacation or at least book one for near future and enjoy extra perks of extra day that don't happen very often!